A research on creating the right texture.

The Singapore Children's museum commissioned me to create a series of artworks including this very intricate Cempedak fruit.

I remember when I traveled to Indonesia back in 2015, that I saw some jackfruits on my trip to Bali. Cempedak fruits belong to the same family but when researching about it, I found those two are completely different fruits.

This fruit is very complicated because it has an intricate texture both on the outside and the inside, so I did some research on how best to represent this fruit and found out that using geometry was a good solution. I designed a simple module that when glued together created something volumetric, and also, could be arrange with other modules to create a skin. It took me some time to complete the texture, since the modules were quite small, but I was really pleased with the result.

For the inside part of the fruit, I created a module that grouped together could give me the sensation of a soft fruit and later covered with a thin paper. Finally, I arranged the modules inside and glued them together. I also created the layered skin that hosts the modules, and created an inventory of all the pieces I developed for this fruit.

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