Refreshing an old illustration.

Looking back at some paper cut illustrations from previous works, and bringing them back to life using digital tools.

This year, I have been revising all my work and wondering what parts I didn't like about it and thinking in which ways I can change them. January is usually a slow month for me that I often use to update my website, organise my folders, review all the work I have previously done in search for inspiration and new ideas.

I stumbled across this paper cut illustration I did some years ago for the book cover of the novel 'A Pure Heart'. The client (Hodder & Stoughton) requested a basic colour palette that didn't allowed for much these days and sometimes after a piece is completed, I hardly revisit it in search for something else.

Since the end result of my work is photography, photoshop has become my number 1 tool that I use to enhance, edit and fix problems in my paper cut illustrations. I gave it a go with this illustration and I feel quite happy with the new result.

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