Welcome to my studio

As a designer, having an organised and useful workspace is really important for me. In this post I am sharing all about my studio.

I love having a space I can go to work everyday. My studio is a very calm space that over the past 2 years I have transformed into something more functional and practical. Since my work is constantly growing and my pieces are so delicate, I have installed shelves that allow me to save floor space where I can store all my works in order.

I have 6 tables and a long surface and believe, sometimes is not enough! I am quite messy when I am working, but before I go home, I love to give it a good tidy so when I come back the next day, is all ready for a new session.

I have also installed some small shelves for my paints, added a new computer, and have found the most practical and beautiful tools that not only help me when working, but also, make good props when I want to take those 'in progress' photos to share on my instagram account.

Below you can see some photos of how is currently looking. Most of the furniture is from Ikea, which is really useful and affordable, and some pieces are from design studios I admire.

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