Nature kingdom.

Developing a story about nature with many characters.

My son Leo is 5 and he loves nature. Everyday we go for walks and in search of insects and small creatures. I used to be really scared of insects all my life, and it is with Leo that I have overcome my fear and have been invited to discover and understand more about this beautiful small world and the creatures that live in it.

We have been collecting guides, books and images, as well as photographing every little animal we find in our daily explorations, which made me think the other day how obsessed I am getting about insects, but also, how much I want to document everything we are finding since we are creating lovely memories together.

I started to develop some sketches for a pop up book story about nature, it's about a kingdom in which Leo is the main character and he has many relationships with all the insects he finds around where he lives. I want this story to be magical and to be for children, for the characters to look like they have personalities and are like people living in a kingdom. Since I saw the flowers in the Alice and wonderland movie I have always felt that I somehow wanted to add that human-like quality to things. I am really excited about this personal project and can't wait to start making my paper samples soon.

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